Textiles and TEE Shirts

textileICISS and CoCo Multi Channel are cherished for conventional print and digital textile printing. ICISS can be used to create a multi color process to suit a standard ink set of yours or a digital machine’s inkset. The same tools and training enable you to react to any new situation in minutes, and then make subsequent separations in seconds. You are guaranteed to produce the ultimate color in the least number of inks. Challenge that on Skype.

textileAnyone trained by Specialcolor to use ICISS and CoCo can apply themselves to conventional or digital print. The population of ICISS and CoCo would surprise anyone. Our customers sell “their” added value by their own name. You will not hear of ICISS itself. We have been introduced at seminars as the world’s best kept secret, and that has been for nineteen years.

textileICISS and CoCo are not marketed as a proprietary system or as formulas. You will see claims of how many options there are available in other separation software offerings. Because ICISS and CoCo are utterly flexible you have every option. ICISS and CoCo are implemented as a comprehensive set of tools.

Challenge the speed of making a new formula, and then the immediate separation of subsequent files in seconds on Skype to see that live with your own originals. sales@specialcolor.com

textileICISS is extremely powerful. It saves you so much time that you can focus on the rest of your business. You do not waste time. You do not make mistakes when following the logical procedures and disciplines that are taught. It is proven that you achieve a reliable separation in simple steps and then you can therefore use your creativity and all the time saved to add your own value. That is simpler too. That is proven. Challenge that.

If you make separations and carry out other production, using ICISS and CoCo saves you so much time that you can focus on the rest of your business.

Come to SGIA Orlando October 23-25 2013 – booth 1480 Bring your originals on a usb memory stick to the booth to test what has been said above.

An ICISS and CoCo user did say:
“… there is really no other consistently reliable software on the market that has the most complete range of separating capabilities.”
See CoCo Multi Channel for if you want to use CoCo to perfect separations that you already have, or if you “only” want to pull out spot colors.