(scroll down for “Activating ICISS License”)

Software Support

ICISS and CoCo is available for download from your Support Personal Page at any time. Email if you have any issue with logging in, or if any particular version is not seen.

Email if you lose your notes on accessing your personal support pages.

When any member of staff that registered ICISS or CoCo is going to leave the company, ask for their passwords to the support site, retain access to their email address, and email to hear how to have the license/s transferred to a new account. If it is too late to do all that, email for instructions.

To be quoted for the upgrading of ICISS or CoCo :-

Please email with your license serial number, which is the 5 digit number or the “Activation Code”, that you see when you use your Personal Page on the Support site under “Manage License. If you do not have that serial number to hand, do state the name of the business when the license was bought if that has changed since then.

Activating ICISS License

If you do not have a note of your Activation Code; Personal page > Manage License > select the relevant license by its description or five digit serial number > See “Activation code” in the right hand column.

Applications > ICISS > Utilities > License Info > (top bar) File > Activate > enter the Activation code when asked.

To use that ICISS license on another machine, running License Info > File > Deactivate on the machine that you are using or last used ICISS. At the new machine (see the above procedure) Activate. Remember to Deactivate any time you might be wanting to use the license on another machine, such as your laptop.

If Installation is denied as an “unrecognized App”; Top bar Apple > System Preferences > Security & Privacy General: See "Allow applications downloaded from:" and select "Anywhere" to install ICISS or CoCo and, after installation reset to how you prefer that setting on your machine.

Operator (and Manager) Support

After the comprehensive implementation of ICISS (see Implementation), no one needs our help again, though someone is available at any time of day, on any day of the week. Remember that we are providing utter independence. Most suppliers sell dependence and consultants often sell dependence. We are implementers, not just consultants. Email

Implementation of ICISS

Whether you are an apprenticed prepress professional or new to color separation, the two days implementation, or three days at most (to accommodate translation), are comprehensive. We start at zero and make sure that everyone is comfortable with each subject before we leave. It has been said that; “we have done two years worth in two days”. It is a revelation.

Trainees endorse that eighty percent of the special color separation training is on color separation disciplines and procedures. Only twenty percent can be said to be “ICISS”.

Asian Fonts

The Asian fonts issue was remedied, and the solution is in ICISS version 5.4 Email if you have any issue with finding that on the Support site download page.