You are guaranteed ultimate color in the least number of inks / plates / screens / print units.

Because you can have any combination of any inks in a separation formula, that includes any colors that might appear in systems called “hexa / hepta / octa / super / mega . . chrome / tone”. If you do want to be fixed to a named system, do be assured that you can have the best separations for that set using ICISS. Prove that on Skype now.

Even better;
You can choose better inks than those specified in old fixed systems, and, you do not have to pay premiums for named inks.

Even better;
You can use any combination of any of those fixed multi-color sets. Remember that you are not dependent of any of C, M, Y, or K, or any of the specials. That guarantees you efficiency, logically, Come on Skype to see proof of that.

You can establish what the ideal colors should be for your multi-color system/s within minutes. You can then create the ideal separation formulas for the imagery and for the line work in minutes. See us exhibiting DIYHiFi in 1994 (in “About” – click on third image down on that page), which was two years after we had started implementing that, before named systems.

We all want to print one set of inks and have no wash ups or changes of ink color for digital machines, but, for when it makes commercial sense, you can swap an ink color so quickly and easily. That can be done objectively, in minutes. ICISS users win customers with their response to any situation. That is often within minutes of their customer walking into the studio.

Because every element of color can be treated individually, you can produce what our printing brains want.

Packaging and labels invariably involve mixed image and line files. Imagery and line-work usually needs to be treated differently. Images might demand three colors in areas with at least one grey balance ink, if not two. Line work enjoys being reproduced with just two color inks and one grey balance ink to ease registration issues. Those two different separation styles run on their relevant elements in parallel during the separation process within ICISS Separator.

Because you are not dependent on C, M, Y, or K, for grey balance, you can be sure to be using the least number of inks/plates for every job. You turn your four color presses into multi-color machines. See this on Skype, now. It isn’t a trick. It is absolute logic.

You can have a different style of grey-balance for neutrals in imagery from the dark colors in imagery. That is especially enjoyed by our flexo customers of course, but it is equally effective for textlles.

We implement a real set of tools, and techniques, to produce what you and your end customers want, every week somwhere in the world, and we have been doing that for twenty years with ICISS. (See again the image above: “Exhibiting DIYHiFi in 1994).

We work on a one-to-one basis, and complete the implementation. Although we are available for operator support all hours of any day, because the implementation is so comprehensive, you never reallly need us again. We provide independence. We do not sell dependence.

You do not market “ICISS”. You market your own expertise, your added-value, (enabled by ICISS). You do not sell someone else’s named solution for them. You keep your advantage to yourself.

The only way to prove all the claims above is to experience this. Skype has enabled us to do that, live, before you commit to any time at your studio. Please email to organise a Skype session using your own files, which can be emailed or sent via Skype during that session to prove that everything is live.