colorwheelWhether you are an apprenticed prepress professional or new to color separation, the two days implementation, or three days at most, to accommodate translation, are comprehensive. We start at zero and make sure that everyone is comfortable with each subject before we leave. It has been said that; “we have done two years worth in two days”. It is a revelation.

Trainees endorse that eighty percent of the special color separation training is on color separation disciplines and procedures. Only twenty percent can be said to be “ICISS”. It is as much to do with management of the process as operation. Every manager that attends this implementation appreciates that.

For every subject, the science is explained and how that relates to why they are doing anything. This gives operators and managers, and sales people if we hold a sales session between the two days, the ability to logically explain anything to customers, without emotion. Challenge this. It is, as said, logical and factual.

The “demonstration”, tests, and proving of any capabilities, are all included in that implementation. The beauty of that is that your operators and managers can report to you of how beneficial ICISS is to your business.

There are suppliers of color separation software that give you a number of options for certain functions. You can see boasts of “select from as many as twenty inks” or “formulas that took years to create”. There are suppliers of systems that are tied to particular inks. Ask yourself whether they are doing that for your benefit or for commission. With ICISS, and especially after the implementation, you have every option to use any ink or any other peripheral consumables or equipment.

It has been said that:
“We have done two years’ worth in two days.”
“We can now do anything, for any process.”
“So that means we can adapt to any situation, in minutes.”

Operator (and Manager) Support
After the comprehensive implementation of ICISS (see Implementation), no one needs our help again, though someone is available at any time of day, on any day of the week.