Fine Art


The natural color correction is cherished by fine art print producers, whatever the process. “Just” the RGB element is the most selective, proportionate, and predictable tool for correcting camera shots of original art. The prediction in CMYK assures you of perfect reproduction in all selective areas.

CoCo Multi Channel

CoCo Multi Channel is the ideal plug-in for interactively correcting fine art special color separations. Send one or two original files to to enjoy a live session on Skype before trying a demonstration version.

If you are not regularly producing special color fine art separations, and you prefer to work “by hand” anyway, you will enjoy pulling colors out of an original using CoCo Multi Channel. Again, that can be to add to cmyk, or all instead of c, m, y, or k.


ICISS is not just for conventional print. Where a “digital” fine art printer is not satisfied with the style of color conversion, from RGB (and especially from cmyk) to multi color, ICISS is used to put what you want in each inkjet color channel and drive those channels individually. That is, not through a compromised color space conversion. That goes for all inkjet and other digital devices, such as, Indigo using specials - Indichrome.

With ICISS, you can make the separations for screen, offset, specialist processes, digital reproductions, and for the catalogues of the fine art, and be sure to be making the most of each process. Those catalogues will be printed with different gamuts to the original art. The out of gamut color handling in ICISS is utterly flexible and controllable. It is “elastic”, as fine art is. Specialcolor guarantees that you will produce the ultimate color and also print most efficiently. That is a proven logically. Artsist themselves, the printers and the exhibitors use ICISS and CoCo.