Color Separation with ICISS

textilePrepress and print professionals looking for any-color, multi color, special color, extended gamut, expanded gamut, spot color, simulated process, six color, seven color, separation have the complete set of tools in ICISS and CoCo

Interactive Color-Independent Separation Software
mapping“Color-Independent” - You are not dependent on C, M, Y or K. ICISS does not start with cmyk and did not come from cmyk. You make any formula for any set of inks starting from zero.

Store default formulas for immediate separations. When you have made any new formula, you save that as a default. Those defaults are used just as simply as you switch to cmyk. The separation process in ICISS takes seconds and carries on in the background. Email to arrange a Skype session to watch that using your files.

Make new formulas for new situations in 6 to 20 minutes. email to challenge that, live, on Skype or at your studio. You use the same procedures and disciplines for every formula. It is best to witness this for yourself, live.

Identify the most effective set of inks for ultimate color. You can assure every customer that you are using the ultimate ink colors available at any time, now and in the future. Those combinations of ink will, most often, be better than any fixed proprietary formula.

Guaranteed: The least number of colors / plates – screens - jets. Ultimate color often means more inks. With ICISS you can choose the ideal inks and not have to involve unnecessary inks.

Guaranteed: The least amount of ink usage. This is proven in two areas, color mapping and grey balance. You can map inks for color at any percentage of coverage throughout the spectrum. This is especially useful for wet processes. Grey balance is totally flexible in dark colors and in neutrals from the least to the most total ink. Save drying time and save money.