CoCo RGB-CMYK and CoCo Multi Channel


The most selective, proportionate, and predictable, color correction in the graphics industries. Enjoy using CoCo for so many other functions, such as; texture reduction or increasing detail, blemish reduction, filling in tricky areas naturally.

All the above, and absolute prediction of the C,M,Y, and K, at the interface, for perfect print.


CoCo Multi Channel

All of the above, plus;
Color correction of separations of: expanded gamut / extended gamut / HiFi Color / brand color / spot color / fifth color, special color, multi color . . .

CoCo Multi Channel also provides a good on-screen special color / multi color proofing facility within Photoshop.

textileFor color separation as a process – please see “Color Separation”, but if you just want to create a spot color / bump plate / touch plate, out from a cmyk file, and proportionately reduce or remove the underlying cmyk, CoCo Multi Channel is a splendid plug-in to your Photoshop.

That extra color, or colors, might be to add to cmyk, or you can create a new set of spot colors in place of the cmyk (but if you want to do that as a process, see ICISS of course).

That might be when you only want to produce a few expanded gamut separations per year, or when you produce a few tee-shirt image separations per month. Again, see “CoCo or ICISS” in the topics panel.

Again, CoCo Multi Channel also provides a good on-screen special color proofing facility within Photoshop.

Email for a demonstration copy to try CoCo out yourself.