CoCo or ICISS ?

cocoColor Correction of RGB or CMYK files = CoCo RGB-CMYK

CoCo Multi Channel

All Coco RGB-CMYK functionality, plus; Color Correction of pre-separated proprietary, ( such as Pantone Hexachrome® ), or old standing, multi color files.

perfecting separations Perfecting separations made by a supplier to you, or that you made with any other software set that you.

whiskeyJust because you have a color separation program already doesn’t mean that you would not enjoy having CoCo Multi Channel.

selectiveCreating a “spot color” – “fifth color” – “bump plate” – “touch plate”, and subtracting the underlying color proportionately if so desired.
SELECTIVE extended gamut. That is; periodically adding one or two specials to cmyk (but do see ICISS for doing that as a process).


(Interactive Color-Independent Separation Software)

Interactive Color-Independent Separation Software(A CoCo Multi Channel comes with every ICISS)
As soon as you want to involve the grey balance in your special color separation formula, you need ICISS. That is special-color-process.

As soon as you want to separate images through a saved default formula, in seconds, just as simply as you would switch to “cmyk” now, you will appreciate ICISS.

Any proprietary HiFi / extended gamut / multi color system can be emulated using ICISS and CoCo Multi Channel. Ink is Ink. You can name any formula yourself and sell your added value and not just do other suppliers’ marketing for them.

Create and save a fixed formula (or formulas of course), for “any job”, and know that you can make a new formula for any new situation in 6-10 minutes, (and that new formula can be saved as a default as well).

So, you are covered for any situation with ICISS and CoCo. Email if you believe that you have a peculiar situation.