Ceramics and Wood Color Separation and Proofing

Color Separation

The “C” and middle “I” in “ICISS” stand for “Color Independent”. That is, ICISS was not based on cmyk. Therefore, ICISS and CoCo are the ideal tools for the reproduction of the sort of colors used for ceramic and wood printing, both conventional and digital.

Some software is presented as “automatic”, or the supplier will suggest that the thinking has been done for you, by providing presets. Both those expressions mean compromise, restriction, and averaged down print.

Please note that the implementation of ICISS and CoCo enables a novice, or experienced expert, to select the ideal inks, the ideal style of reproduction, and how to produce the ultimate print, predictably.

Each topic is covered logically, simply and thoroughly;

Selection of inks (even from a fixed inkjet set), Color Mapping, Out of Gamut handling, tonal adjustments, any color correction, gradation, and, the separate handling of neutral grey balance and cdark color gret balance. That grey balance control is unmatched in the industry. This is true “any color process”.

The operator will be able to create formulas for ranges, batches, and individual jobs with equal ease. So, you can have “your” automatic (though I prefer the word; “Immediate”), and, what is most impressive to your customers, you can respond in a few minutes to any new situation. Yes; Minutes. Please challenge that on Skype or at your studio.


CoCo Multi Channel provides an excellent, soft proof / on screen, proof.
(Remember that CoCo provides the best interactive color correction at that stage too.) Specialcolor has experience with all levels of proofing, from wet flat-bed and cylinder proofing, powder toner, dye sublimation, lamination, digital soft proof and most inkjet systems. That is the world we have worked in.

We can now guarantee excellent, immediate, proofing for ceramics and wood, on inkjet. Teams can implement the color separation and the proofing anywhere around the world. You can also add image file acquisition in that package. Discuss all elements of this with us if that interests you.

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