Childrens books
Food and Drink books
Photopgraphy – Art books
Jewellery / Jewelry - China – Textiles - Glass books
and any other books that demand more than the color obtained from CMYK, would benefit from being produced using ICISS.

When you are dissappointed with CMYK, send some of those originals, and we will send you recommendations on how to have them printed, and we will illustrate that.

HiFi color doesn’t have to be “six color” or “seven color”.
With ICISS you are sure that you are producing ultimate color in the least number of ink colors.
You are not always dependent on the C, M, Y, or K for grey balance, so a special color can be used in place of one of those, making a five unit press into a six “color” press. That is, we have enabled both offset and digital printers to produce, such as C, M, Y, Violet an Orange print, or any other combination.

The below reference is from the magasine “Printing World”. We forgive the journalist for spelling “ICISS” as ISIS. We do treat ICISS as a goddess.