GlynSpecialcolor is solely focussed on supplying and implementing ICISS and CoCo color separation software for any printing process and for any situation. Because you are equipped and enabled to produce the ideal formula for any situation, that includes: HiFi, Extended Gamut, Multi Color, Special Colors, Simulated Process and any other “named” process.

exhibitionWe have been implementing this since 1992, supplying CoCo since June 1994 and ICISS from November 1995.

exhibitionOn the left is a photograph of us exhibiting HiF color in 1994, and that was two years into our focus on special color prepress and printing.

We operate world-wide. Customers consider us to be local as far as support is concerned.

The principal of Specialcolor was apprenticed in special color separation for decorative work and packaging from 1968. After managing prepress at a sheet and web printer, he joined Hell prepress systems selling into the gravure, all offset, scanning for screen, and flexo markets. He managed Unda Postscript system sales, 3M Color Workstation sales, and managed Kodak Electronic Printing Systems in Europe. He set up Colour Management Services, trading as Specialcolor, in 1990.

Again, we are not diluted by any other products or peripheral business, and are not influenced by any other marketing.

Our Implementation Evaluation puzzles any general marketing manager but delights every customer. Email sales@specialcolor.com to clarify anything.