Proud to say: 23 Years of Implementing ICISS in 2018

Specialcolor, and our selected partners, supply and implement ICISS and CoCo color separation software and color correction software, world-wide, for multi-color / any-color printing, for any process, for any device.

Save special-color formulas for immediate separations, just as simply as you click for your favourite cmyk formula today.

For any brand new situation, make a new formula for the ideal set of inks, from zero, within six minutes, ready for an immediate separaton and then add that formula to your store of defaults for immediate subsequent separations through that formula and all the other formulas you have made. (Challenge the “6 minutes” and the “immediate” on Skype) You can guarantee yourself and your customers that those formulas are not only producing the ultimate color, but that they are in the least number of inks / print-units.

You do not depend on any of “C”, “M”, “Y”, or “K”, (though you can produce the best CMYK and any formula including any of them of course). Also, why use regular dull cyan and magenta when you and your customers can have better?

No one owns combinations of colors. See the image of us exhibiting “Do It Yourself Hi Fi” in 1994 (in “About”), which was two years after we had been implementing that. You can say “yes” to customers asking for marketed color combinations and produce the equivalent or, of course, much better.

Specialcolor has been implementing ICISS without a break since 1995. Because it is a pure set of logial tools, it cannot be beaten by any suppliers’ compromised systems.

ICISS color separation software and CoCo color correction software for; textiles, tee shirts, fine art, packaging, labels, ceramics, wall paper, wood, metal decorating, greetings cards, catalogues, books, . . . . using; all offset, conventional screen printing, digital inkjet with special colors, flexography, gravure, dry offset, . . . . . . .